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IAOMS-AÇBİD ortak kongresi 9-13 Mayıs 2018 tarihleri arasında Antalya' da Gerçekleştirilecektir
IAOMS-AÇBİD ortak kongresi 9-13 Mayıs 2018 tarihleri arasında Antalya' da Gerçekleştirilecektir
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AÇBİD - IAOMS anlaşması
AÇBİD' in, "International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons" tarafından Türkiye'yi temsil eden mesleki dernek olarak ...
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ACBID 2017 11. Uluslararası Kongresi 19-23 Nisan 2017 Tarihlerinde Gerçekleştirildi
ACBID 2017 11. Uluslararası Kongresi 19-23 Nisan 2017 Tarihlerinde Gerçekleştirildi
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AÇYEK, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Board of Education Guidelines

AÇYEK, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Board of Education Guidelines consist of 14 articles.

     › General Principles
     › Goals
     › Address of the Organization
     › The Progress of Founding and the Sustainability of the Organization
     › Structure of the Board of Education
     › General Board
     › Board of Management
     › Board of Audition
     › Budget and Financing for the Board Activities
     › Exams required for the AÇYEK Certificate
     › Acquisition of the Certificate
     › Annullment of the Certificate
     › Files of Certified Persons and Certificate Candidates
     › Re-Certification


Article 1: Definition

Within this set of guidelines, the following abbreviations shall be used to refer to their respective whole forms explained here as a)  AÇYEK : Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Board of Education; b) SSYB: The Ministry of Public Health and Welfare; c) UDKK: Council of Coordination for Associations of Expertise; d) TTB: Turkish Medical Association; e) TTB-STE: Turkish Medical Association Continuous Medical Training.

AÇYEK has been founded with the purpose of ensuring that the quality of education in the specialty field of oral and maxillofacial surgery increases and that standardization between educational institutions is achieved.

Primary Activities: For the purpsoe of helping raise the standards in oral and maxillofacial surgery education and trainingh in Turkey, AÇYEK is active in three fundamendal areas:
Determining the standards for education in the respective specialty branch; defining the physical, technical and educational requirements for a perfect oral and maxillofacial surgery training; carrying out inspections in order to find out whether or not educational institutions meet the defined requirements (accreditation of educational institutions)
Conducting exams in order to encourage training beyond the branch education and to inspect the level of scientific knowledge; awarding with a certificate the experts who meet specific criteria and who pass the aforementioned exam successfully (certification).
Carrying out activities in order to help define the prequisites for title promotion of academic personnel that work in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
AÇYEK is an organ of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Society Association (AÇBİD).
AÇYEK is a organizational branch of AÇBİD. It works independently provided that it does not exceed its organizational boundaries.


Article 2. Goals of AÇYEK:

2.1. Ensuring that the specialty branch education in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is increased to the highest level of quality and maintained at this level.

2.2. Ensuring the standardization of institutions that provide training in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, conducting planning and statistical activities in cooperation with these institutions in order to, once again, achieve high standards of quality.

2.3. Providing certification in the name of the Board for candidates who meet the specified criteria, who have completed their oral and maxillofacial surgery training and who pass the exams prepared by the board.

2.4. Striving to reinforce and defend at a national and international level the title of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and the professional statuses of persons who carry this title;

2.5. Ensuring that the AÇYEK certification is subject to equivalent treatment with other certification programs at international level.

2.6. The goal of AÇYEK is by no means limiting the activities of oral and maxillofacial surgeons or educational institutions. The AÇYEK certification and accrediation are by no means the equivalents of a legal degree of proficiency or a license of oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. In this sense, the AÇYEK certificate and accrediation are more like an award document than a license. For this reason, taking the AÇYEK exams and therefore owning a certificate or requesting an AÇYEK accrediation are completely volunteer acts.


Article 3. The Head Office of the organization is located at the AÇBİD Headquarters.


Article 4. The Progress of Founding and the Sustainability of the Organization

4.1. General Board: The first meeting regarding the AÇYEK elections is preferably held at an AÇBİD annual congress. Since there are no members who carry the certificate of the Board of Education, Professors and Associate Professors are assumed to be default members of the board just for once and then they proceed to form the elective board. Once the AÇYEK Board of Management has been formed, again; just for once, this first elective board is awarded AÇYEK Certificates. All the certificate-holding members comprise the General Board.  All the operations that follow shall be carried out by the General Board, which is comprised of the initial default members and those who have earned their certificates by passing the relevant exams. A prequisite for becoming a member of the AÇYEK General Board is to first become a member of AÇBİD.

4.2 AÇYEK board of management is comprised of 9 members elected from among the members of the General Board and either the AÇBİD Chairman or one member of the board of management which will be assigned by the Chairman to oversee the board of management. 6 Actual and 6 Substitute representatives for national universities are elected from among these members of the board of management by the members of the general board. 3 actual and 3 substitute persons are then electe d from among the members of the General Board in accordance with a decision taken by the AÇBİD board of management. The election is carried out with a method of hidden votes and revealed classification. The criterion for being elected to the board of management is to be a currently active lecturer who has spent 10 years in the profession after having finished the doctoral or specialty field training in the relevant department. In case the period of duty for the AÇYEK chairman has ended and he has to leave the board of management, he may join the next board of management as a natural member with the title of "former chairman" but he may only have a right to express opinion and not a right to vote.

4.3. The board of audition is comprised of 3 members who have been elected from among the General Board. The criterion for being elected to the board of management is to have spent 10 years in the profession after having finished the doctoral or specialty field training in the relevant department.

4.4. The persons and institutions whose periods of duty within the board of management shall end are to be declared at least 45 days prior to ending date of the said duty; whereas the application period for candidates to these positions ends 7 days prior to the date of the election. The members whose duties have expired are to continue their duty until the elections are carried out in the general board. The candidates shall submit their applications in writing to the AÇBİD secretary's office until the deadline for application. The applicants need to be present in person during the elections.

In case there is a stalemate as a result of the election, a ballot shall be cast.

4.5. Once AÇYEK has been founded, even though it is independent in its operations; in case a problem regarding the progress of the board or the continuity of the meetings and the board is unable to resolve the matter on its own, it shall receive arbitration services from AÇBİD. As part of this article, AÇBİD shall support the operations of AÇYEK in order to help the latter achieve consistency in operations.

4.6. In case the founding rules need to be amended according to needs and new conditions once after AÇYEK has been founded, the articles that need to be amended are presented to the general  board for vote and in case the vote passes with at least a 2/3 majority, the amendments are considered as accepted. The amendments also require approval from AÇBİD Board of Management.

4.7. The organization and handling of meetings and events and all other organizations regarding decision-taking, action-taking and new elections are within the authorization and responsibility of AÇYEK; provided that AÇYEK does not violate its founding rules. However, AÇYEK is responsible with regularly reporting to AÇBİD all information regarding the activities of the former.


Article 5. The Structure of the Board of Education

5.1. AÇYEK is comprised of the three following bodies (1) General Board, (2) Board of Management (3) Board of Audition.

5.2. AÇYEK is to create activity groups that conform with the goals defined in Article 1.2. The members of these activity groups shall be selected from among the members of the General Board. The members of the Board of Management and the Board of Audition may also take part in these activity groups.

5.2.1 The Group of Determining Standards for Training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Among the activities that fall under the duties of this group are: determining the physical, technical and educational infrastructure requirements for contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery training by taking into consideration the actual circumstances within the nation; striving to help complete the kernel curriculum for the academic field of oral and maxillofacial diseases and surgery; organizing national events under the supervision of AÇBİD in order to help institutions overcome obstacles they encounter while trying to meet these requirements; and working on a volunteer basis for the accrediation of educational institutions.

5.2.2 The Activity Group for Determining and Inspecting the educational standards during post-Specialty-Branch-Training (Training Examination Committee): Among the activities that fall under the duties of this group are: encouraging activities for continuous education; working towards increasing the quality of these educational activities; encouraging and supervising the participation of members into the events; preparing and conducting exams in order to determine the level of education (board exams), forming commissions that supervise these board exams.

5.2.3 The Activity Group for Determining the Prequisites in Academic Promotions in Institutions that Provide Training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Among the activities that fall under the duties of this group are: defining the minimum prequisites to look for in professors, assistant professors and associate professors and working to determine the standards to seek for in training and research hospitals.

5.2.4 The Education Board for Oral and  Maxillofacial Research and Post-Graduate Studies: This board is charged with supporting scientific research in the relevant field and preparing educatory summer-courses and E-Learning programs that include FUNDAMENTAL and CLINICAL sciences in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The board runs its activities in compliance with its internal regulations and also in coordination with the AÇYEK Board and its sub-commissions.

5.3 As per the new requirements that reflect the ever-changing circumstances in modern times; AÇYEK may create new goals, new fields of stury and new sub-commissions in order to achieve its fundamental goals more closely.


Article 6. General Board

6.1 The General Board is comprised of members that bear AÇYEK certificates and that have completed their academic department training in the specialty field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

6.2. The General Board Meetings are held once every 2 years at the same location where the National Congress is held.

6.3 The Duties of AÇYEK General Board are: Carrying out all activities for the purpose of ensuring that AÇYEK reaches the goals set forth by its foundation principles; overseeing whether AÇYEK's activities are progressing as they are meant to be; taking fundamental decisions regarding the progress of AÇYEK within the boundaries of the members' authorities; evaluating the activity reports and recommendations of AÇYEK sub-commissions and organizing elections within the board and the sub-commissions in order to maintain the integrity and continuity of AÇYEK.


Article 7. Board of Management:

7.1. The AÇYEK Board of Management is comprised of 10 members chosen in accordance with the guidelines and election rules set forth in Article 4.2.

7.1.1. The Board of Management is reformed through elections once every 2 years following the routine General Board meeting.

7.1.2. Once the Board of Management has been been formed; the AÇYEK chairman, general secretary and financial manager are also elected from among the members via an election held throughout the general board. The AÇBİD Chairman may not carry the title of AÇYEK Chairman at the same time.

7.2. The primary duty of AÇYEK Board of Management is to ensure that the decisions taken by the AÇYEK general board are implemented and that the fundamental functions of AÇYEK are carried out.

7.2.1. The AÇYEK board of management determines the members of activity groups, confirms the launch of their activities and reports to AÇBİD Board of Management the results of the said activities. It also monitors the activities.

7.2.2. AÇYEK Board of Management follows up the developments and changes in previously-reviewed educational programs within environments where the necessary legal and administrative requirements have been met and maintains correspondence with the institutions that run these programs.

7.2.3. The Board of Management distributes to presidents of educational programs and to headquarters of relevant official bodies the guidelines, schedule and annual activity reports of AÇYEK free of charges; while also managing the sales of these same documents to persons interested for prices determined over printing expenses. In addition to the guidelines; activity reports, lists and news bulletins pertaining to AÇYEK certification, list of names of people that have earned AÇYEK certifications, list of names of authorized persons, information regarding exam dates and fees, standardization reports prepared by the educational commission and general statistical evaluations may all be subject to distribution.

7.3. AÇYEK Board of Management meets at least 4 times in any given year. In order to consider a meeting valid, at least 5 members of the board of management must be present at the meeting, in addition to the chairman and the general secretary.

7.3.1. Members of the board of management who fail to attend meetings for three consecutive times shall be replaced by substitutes of the group that they were chosen from.

7.4.The Renewal of the Board of Management

At every election, 1/2 of the elected members (amounting to 4 members during one period and 5 members in the next) shall be renewed along with their substitutes.  The members to be renewed shall be determined by casting a ballot. It shall be ensured that at least one member from every activity group retains their duty in the next period. A member may not be commissioned for duty in the AÇYEK board of management more than 2 consecutive periods.


Article 8. Board of Audition:

8.1.The Board of Audition shall be comprised of 3 members elected by the general board in compliance with the rules specified in Article 4.3 and elections are held once again at every general board meeting.

8.2.The duty of the Board of Audition is to inspect whether or not the operations carried out in each division of AÇYEK comply with AÇYEK guidelines and to report findings regarding their inspections to the General Board.

8.3. The members of the Board of Audition may participate in the board of management meetings but they are not entitled to use votes in the said meetings.


Article 9. Budget and Financing

9.1. The financing for the activities of AÇYEK shall be provided by AÇBİD.

9.2 Once AÇYEK's activities begin to work regularly; it shall charge persons from whom it has initiated exam and certification procedures fees as compensation for their expenses, which shall be collected in the name of AÇBİD and by using receipts of AÇBİD and which shall be equal to an amount determined by the board once every 6 months. All the income gathered in this manner belongs to AÇBİD. In case an exam candidate changes his mind about taking an exam that he has already paid for, the fees he has paid for registering in the said exam shall not be returned to him.

9.2.1. AÇYEK certified persons must be members of the AÇBİD Association who regularly make their association membership payment fees payments for as long as they continue their profession.


Article 10. AÇYEK Certification

10.1. The exam required for acquiring AÇYEK certification consist of two stages, namely, the oral exam and the written exam.

10.2. Those members of AÇBİD who possess documents proving that they have successfully finished their training in the branch of expertise carry the right to participate in the aforementioned certification exams.

10.3. The Limitations on the Field of Profession

In order to preserve and maintain high quality in patient treatment, the certification candidates have to limit their fields of profession with oral and maxillofacial surgery only.

10.3.The Exam is prepared in Turkish. language.

10.4. The following criteria must be met in order to participate in the AÇYEK certification exam:

To be a graduate from a Faculty of Dentistry found in the Republic of Turkey or other Faculties of Dentistry abroad, which have been recognized as equivalents to their Turkish counterparts
To have successfully completed training in the expertise branch of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; in addition to,
having a continued practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery for at least 12 months following the completion of the said training OR
Having a clinical study of at least 12 months long, which has been approved by the program coordinator, OR
Having been employed at an oral and maxillofacial surgery training institution as a full-time clinic member for an uninterrupted period of 12 months within the last 2 years; as approved by a Head of Department, Head of Major, Clinic Chief or Chief Physician.
10.5. All persons who are undergoing education or working in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery carry their own responsibility for following up the news, updates, amendments and last minute changes regarding the general rules of AÇYEK, exam details and miscellaneous events. Persons who wish to acquire information on these topics may be provided with AÇYEK printed manuals in exchange for a fee.

10.6. Candidates who provide insufficienct or inconsistent information within their application papers may not participate in the exams.

10.7. All rules on written and oral exams shall come into effect upon the approval of the Exam Regulations, which have been prepared by the AÇYEK Commission of Exams and Education, by the AÇYEK Board of Management.


Article 11. The Granting of the AÇYEK Certificate

11.1 This certificate shall be granted upon their own request, without the need for exams and in a one-time basis, to persons who meet the conditions specified in Article 4.1 by the time of approval of this here set of regulations by the AÇBİD board of management.

11.2. Persons who successfully pass the exams obtain the right to hold an AÇYEK certificate.

11.3. Persons who have obtained "board" certificates from the American or European Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associations may be awarded an AÇYEK certificate without having to take exams. All one such person needs to do is to apply in writing for an AÇYEK certificate.


Article 12. Cancellation of teh AÇYEK Certificate

12.1. The AÇYEK Board of Management reserves the right to cancel an AÇYEK certificate under conditions specified below.

12.1.1. Upon discovery of the candidate providing false information or presented fake/inappropriate documents prior to the exams or the acquisition of the certificate,

12.1.2. Upon the revocation of the candidate's authority as a physician by the Turkish Dentists Union, The Ministry of Health or other institutions that are equivalents to these,

12.1.3 Upon the discovery of malpractice on the candidate's side, which results in significant negative effects in either medical or social terms,

12.1.4. Upon the discovery of the candidate using the AÇYEK certificate within his medical carreer against professional ethics.

12.2. Under circumstances detailed above, the AÇYEK Board of Management shall seek to collect the necessary evidence and then invite the physician who has been charged for him to present his case of defense. The AÇYEK Board of Management shall act entirely independent in deciding on whether or not to cancel the certificate. AÇYEK  AÇYEK shall see to it that the cancelled certificates are returned to AÇYEK.


Article 13. The files on old and new candidates, as well as AÇYEK certificate-holders are stored and kept confidential. These files shall not be opened by persons outside of the AÇYEK Board of Management, unless it is required otherwise by law. The location to store these files is the AÇBİD office.


Article 14. AÇYEK certificate-holders shall be subject to evaluations at 10-year intervals in order to provide them with re-certification. These evaluations are based on Continuous Dentistry Training (SDE) Accreditation Framework, in addition to the evaluation criteria set forth by the AÇYEK commission of exams and education, which has been approved by the AÇYEK Board of Management.

Message from the President
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